• Pitch for funding-MyMoney  ®

    Have you been asked for the simple pitch about your business whether that be to test out your ideas, gain funding or just simply explain your overall business model.

    While the business pitch is no guarantee of funding or sucess it does enable a simple understanding of the business to gain interest of others.

  • Plan your strategy-MyGoals  ®

    Creating a business plan is one of the first steps toward guiding your business towards potential success.

    From timing of key tasks, marketing, sales, operations, human resources, financials through to communication with shareholders, staff and management. The business plan assists you in managing the goals of business in knowing where you to go.

  • Monitor and update

    The business plan and pitch is a dynamic document. Market conditions change, new competitors emerge, changes within the business occur.

    Our business tool allows easy modification to plans for change of conditions internal and external to the business. With various requests for information and constant change your business plan can develop as fast as your business ideas.

Start your business plan

Developed by entrepreneurs, accountants and small business professionals

  • Need to get funded - InvestorView  ®

    Our business pitch and planning tool enables a structured and transparent structure for investors and financial providers to gain a efficient and effective snapshot of your business. The pitch is not a detailed plan but a precise indication of business that enables a understanding of the business, competition and the success indicators plus challenges..

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  • Help your financials - InvestmentView  ®

    Our financial section is not a replacement for your financials prepared by your accountant but is a forecasting tool to gain a understanding in explaining to investors and fnancial providers but also management and owners to understand the key financial metrics of the drivers of business.

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  • Easy to work together

    Do you need assistance or would like some input from family, friends or trusted professional advisers, Our business planning tools enable you to seek out commentary and feedback. If you have business partners, staff, or important proactive stakeholders each party can contribute. You control the access and work on the document. Distributing word documents via email is difficult to collate information, clarify and include the feedback. Leave this all behind.

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